USGA Museum Launches Arnold Palmer Memory Book


The United States Golf Association is inviting the public to participate in a very special project to celebrate a true sporting legend and a great American.

Arnold Palmer will be celebrating his 80th birthday on September 10, 2009. To honor the occasion, the USGA Museum has launched an online Arnold Palmer Memory Book. The purpose of the Web site is to collect personal stories and memories of Arnold, and allow the public to view other fans' appreciation of him. Fans can submit their reflections about Arnold in the form of words, images or video.

Arnold's influence on the game of golf and sports in America has been felt for many years. Collectively, these testimonials will document the remarkable contributions Arnold has made to golf, not simply as a player, but as the embodiment of all that is honorable and exceptional about the game.

"Even if you've never had the opportunity to meet him, it seems that almost everyone in and around the game has their own Arnold Palmer story," said USGA Director of Communications & Museum Rand Jerris. "Perhaps he was a childhood hero, maybe you once saw him play, or you just have a favorite story about him. The key is that we're looking for personal stories – honest, from-the-heart sentiments that capture the essence of what Arnold Palmer has meant to the game."

Later this year, the USGA Museum will edit and assemble the very best submissions into a bound volume, for presentation to Arnold as an 80th birthday present.

To participate in the Arnold Palmer Memory Book, log on to .